Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Photo #55 for the photo challenge

    As I post todays photo I am reminded that know matter what photo I choose some of you will like it and others I'm sure will not,.  I try to pick a  photo eveyday  that everyone will like but I have to admit  that almost every photo of him I see or have is a favorite,  which means I maybe not be objective enough sometimes,   lol...  
  You see my problem is I love every photo I post.  When you're in  love with a man for ALMOST 40 years out of your 44 year life span it can be difficult sometimes to be objective and stop and think well maybe this one isn't so good because I love them all,   hahhaha...

      I hope you take the time to stop and enjoy them even thou some of them may not  be a fav. top pick of yours.  Remember even the perfect can't be perfect all the time so give him  a day off  if a photo in your opinion falls just short of perfect,  lol...   GOD HE'S BEAUTIFUL!!!

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