Monday, March 21, 2011

Photo #81 for the photo challenge

               WOW...     It truly amazes me that everyday I wake up I love him even more...  To think this is even possible truly amazes me...  I understand that my love grows each and everyday for my children as it is a different kind of love.  But to think that after all these years my love is still growing for this one of a kind simply amazing man each and every day shockes me.  Like I have said many many times,  I knew the first time I ever layed eyes on him he would be the love of my life and he still is to very this day. 
           I  also believe God puts people in our lives for reasons we do not always understand, and believe me I have spent many hours and years wondering why Donny and how is it possible that this one man can , awake so many feelings in me, more than I ever thought possible...   I have cried rivers of tears over him and  I have felt mountains of joy in loving him as well.  He is my life line/ my safe place in life.           
           I truly believe the good Lord has a reason for it, even if it takes me a life time to figure it out. lol...   God Bless you Babe, God Bless.


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  1. I am just curious Diane....Have you ever met him? Was wondering where your picture with him is?