Friday, May 13, 2011

Photo #133 for the photo challenge

      For some reason today I found myself thinking of all the up and downs Donny has gone through to still be here (as in a performer)  today.  He went from teen idol to being told at 21 that he was done in the business and that he had become has been,  or so they told him.
      Let me tell you, this is one man who never given up on his dream of being a singer/performer and I thank God each and everyday for giving him the strength and courage to carry on and not give up on his dream.  CONGRATS babe...
      Today, Donny along with his sister Marie perform to sold out shows in Vegas 5 nights a week and have been doing so for well over 2 years now.  Before Vegas he was being kept busy performing all over world.  Now tell me does that sound like a has been.  Not a chance...   With that being said,  I hope you enjoy todays post...


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